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Trelco Solar, with the power of the Dağsan Solar brand founded in 1979, has left its traces in the past with its goal of R & D and innovation. As Trelco, we continue to produce domestic-national projects for our country which survived dependency in the new generation energy field, to provide high export revenues in the name of our country in terms of high export value and to reduce the current deficit and to transfer the skills received from the past to the field. Our company, which fulfills the most economical and best commitments for your self-sufficient and special projects in solar energy and clean energy project areas, works by focusing on customer satisfaction by using the product-assembly-customer network well. On-site exploration, accurate detection and implementation and supplier customer relationship to strive to turn friendship.

Our work in Central Africa, North Africa, South America and the Balkans, which we entered in order to turn our knowledge of international trade into exports, continues rapidly. Our reliable, fast and solution-oriented export approach is carried out carefully from the offer to the shipment.

At the same time, our company provides consultancy services on the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the Kyoto Protocol and on the calculation, reduction and certification of carbon and greenhouse gas footprints in Turkey and to accrediting and controlling international institutions.

As a company, we aim to develop projects that will add value to the sector with a new name and a new perspective. Our reference value, our value reference

Our Values


Üstlenilen proje süresince sürekli ve doğru bilgi paylaşımı.


Müşterilerimizin memnuniyeti için planlayıp, uyguluyoruz.


Dünyadaki gelişmeleri yakından takip ederek size yeni olanaklar sunuyoruz.


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